We offer public rituals and classes on a regular basis. This is not just part of our public outreach to the community, but is also a way to meet people that might be interested in joining us as a Coven Member. We are open to accepting new Members. Please contact us to find out more information about that process.

Coven Membership is not for everyone. Attending the Open events of a Coven allows you to get a sense of its teaching and magickal style, and whether or not that is compatible for you. If you're still interested in OWT Membership after attending Open events over a a six month period, you can request a meeting with the Coven Leadership and submit a petition letter. This letter needs to include the following:

  1. What brought you to request Coven Membership? 
  2. What brought you to the magickal path, to Wicca, to the Assembly, and to Order of the World Tree?
  3. What do you expect from Coven Membership?
  4. What do you bring to the table to contribute to the Coven?
  5. What other questions do you have?

Please feel free to contact the OWT with any additional questions.

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