Order of the World Tree (OWT) is the Staff Coven of the Circle of Capricorn in the Wiccan Tradition, Assembly Of The Sacred Wheel (ASW). The Order is Cardinal Fire erupting through Earth, has manifested in Bergen County NJ, and is the 10th Coven in the ASW.

OWT seeks the pinnacle of magickal excellence through the integration of the Depths of personal knowledge and all Parts of Self. We seek the manifestation of Will in support of the ASW's Vision to Re-Enchant the World. The Coven is a part of the Pagan community as a whole, is active in its local Community, and offers public teaching as well as rituals in contribution to the fulfillment of the ASW's Vision.

The Coven trains Seekers of Integrity on the Paths of Magickal and Energetic proficiency, Ritual competency, Devotional practice, Engagement of the Mysteries, and the development of one's Magickal Persona. Members seek the health and balance of their mind, soul, heart, and body, as well as a fluid rapport with Eternal Spirit.  The Coven seeks alignment with the Divine Will in order to resonate with the Great Work, to Re-Enchant the World, and to enhance the lives of our Members, and the vibrancy of our Communities.

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